To view a bitcoin wallet, bitcoin transfer, or bitcoin transaction on a website or app,
It is possible only if the Bitcoin Core server is always running,
If you run this bitcoin server on a cloud computing service like AWS.

  1. Since more than 500 million transaction data are accumulated as…

NFT stands for a unique, non-interchangeable token as a unit of data stored on a blockchain. NFTs You can use photos, videos, audio, and other types of digital files. Copies are not accepted. Anyone can get a copy of these digital items, but NFTs are on the blockchain. …

Payment Service API

Today, more and more merchants are accepting payments in cryptocurrency, thanks to the advancement of decentralized finance and the many benefits that cryptocurrency offers to e-commerce merchants and customers. In 2019, about $4 billion worth of Bitcoin was transferred through payment processors.

The trend of applying cryptocurrency payment to e-commerce

Overall, e-commerce is growing very fast. According to…

Monero uses ‘Ring Signature’ and ‘Ring Confidential Transaction’ and ‘Stealth Address’ to protect personal information thoroughly. The sender, amount, and receiver of all transactions can also be hidden. This thorough anonymity is characterized by Monero, which is different from other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Etherium.

Ring Signature

Ring Signature is formed…

Why Use Blockchain API?

There are several problems in creating applications and websites with blockchain functionality.

1. Various implementation methods
2. Server maintenance cost
3. Huge number of blockchain protocols
4. Requires experienced developer of blockchain protocol
5. Consolidation and security costs
6. Requires a server that can directly operate the node server

Using the BLOCKSDK API can solve the aforementioned problems.


  • Total Crypto Market Data in one place
  • Client library in your programming language
  • Scalable & Secure Servers
  • Real-Time & On-Demand information
  • Reduce your application dependencies and libraries
  • Server storage space saving
  • We manage Security patches & Upgrades
  • Save development and DevOps costs


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What is Cryptocurrency API?

To develop a cryptocurrency service, a cryptocurrency core server is required, but if the integrated cryptocurrency API is used, the service can be developed without the need to operate the core server.

What are the advantages of the cryptocurrency API?

  1. You can also service cryptocurrency services through web hosting.
  2. No expertise required for each cryptocurrency protocol
  3. There is…


BlockSDK is an API service for blockchain applications

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