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To view a bitcoin wallet, bitcoin transfer, or bitcoin transaction on a website or app,
It is possible only if the Bitcoin Core server is always running,
If you run this bitcoin server on a cloud computing service like AWS.

  1. Since more than 500 million transaction data are accumulated as blockchain data, large disk capacity is required.
  2. High server specifications are required because many transactions come into the memory pool in real time.
  3. Regular security patch and update

As a result, at least $500 per year is spent to run Bitcoin Core servers on AWS.
In addition, professional knowledge is required due to the development of custom functions, and additional server resources may be required.
For example, adding a function to store information for each address requires at least hundreds of gigabytes of disk space.

AWS Prices

Because of many inconvenient factors and cost consumption, it is more difficult to operate Bitcoin Core on its own.
Using the best Bitcoin REST API BLOCKSDK is good for cost reduction, security, scalability, and development speed improvement.
It is also much more economical than running a server directly using AWS because you can start using it for free.

Our BLOCKSDK supports many bitcoin APIs

  1. Blockchain information inquiry api
  2. Block information inquiry api
  3. Transaction information inquiry api
  4. Address generation api
  5. Wallet creation api
  6. Transaction creation api
  7. Webhook transaction, block chain event receiving api
  8. Providing customer-specific custom API development
  9. 1:1 real-time chat development support
  10. Cryptocurrency service development consulting

You can start all these benefits for free

The API you want isn’t in the BLOCKSDK?
Feel free to contact us and we will immediately add a custom API.


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