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Litecoin is currently the 5th largest digital currency in terms of market capitalization.

Litecoin is short time to create blocks allows for fast processing of many transactions.

And the commission is very cheap.

Litecoin are also very simple and can be mined into a standard off-the-shelf computer.

You can manage the mined Litecoin using BLOCKSDK API.

BlockSDK supports REST APIs to easily manage Litecoin.

You can manage the Litecoin very conveniently using the BlockSDK API.

Litecoin API — Get BlockChain

Through Litecoin API, Litecoin Blockchain information can be loaded.

The GET request expects a response such as:


Litecoin API — CreateWallet

createwallet is a way to create an Litecoin private key.

Litecoin API — CreateWalletAddress

And you can create Litecoin wallet. Enter the Litecoin private key and the wallet number to create your wallet.

Litecoin API —SendToAddress, SendMany

You can transfer Litecoin through these two libraries.
You can easily transfer the wallet number, private key, incoming address, commission and transmission amount you create.

BLOCKSDK supports many Litecoin API

  1. Blockchain information inquiry api
  2. Block information inquiry api
  3. Transaction information inquiry api
  4. Address generation api
  5. Wallet creation api
  6. Transaction creation api
  7. Webhook transaction, block chain event receiving api
  8. Providing customer-specific custom API development
  9. 1:1 real-time chat development support
  10. Cryptocurrency service development consulting

You can start all these benefits for free

The API you want isn’t in the BLOCKSDK?
Feel free to contact us and we will immediately add a custom API.

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Litecoin Rest API Docs

BlockSDK is an API service for blockchain applications

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